Sunday, March 15, 2020

Vitamin C concentration (Bio lab report) essays

Vitamin C concentration (Bio lab report) essays What is the concentration level of vitamin C in freshly squeezed orange juice, Fanta, Nikoline and Rigtig Juice. How does the soda compare to real juices? Will the freshly squeezed orange juice contain more vitamin C than the sodas? Basically I want to prove that freshly squeezed orange juice contains more vitamin C than other juices, including sodas, and prove that sodas arent as healthy as companies, such as the ones who manufacture Nikoline and Fanta, claim they are to be. I believe that the freshly squeezed orange juice will contain a lot more than all the other juices. Rigtig Juice will score the second highest, Nikoline the third and Fanta the fourth. The reason for this is that all the juices Ive mentioned have been processed and mixed with water to save costs, as well as additions such as flavour enhancements and other substances added. With all the extra ingredients added, the vitamin C level will be low. Independent Type of Juice Amount of juice added Dependent Concentration of Vitamin C 20 test tubes (4 solutions * 5 trials) Step one: To properly collect the data it would be best to make a table with the solution of the left side and the number of trials on the top. Be sure that each trial has enough space to note down the drops of Iodine needed to show the concentration (Ill explain this in further detail later) and the vitamin C concentration of mg/L. We chose to have 5 different trials and average them all to ensure a better accuracy. Step two: Put 1 ml of each substance into 4 test tubes. Remember to mark each tube so you know what is what. Now that you have the solutions, youre now ready to start the experiment. F ...

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